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Personal  Training

Tailored just for you.  


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Weekly Classes and workshops

Group classes; 

public and gym classes.  

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Corporate/Office Yoga

Yoga for progressive businesses who care about their employees.

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Lifestyle Coaching

Making change to become healthier, and enjoy a better quality of life isn't easy on your own. If it was you'd have done it already.

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Are you looking for change?

Its never to late to improve your fitness and wellbeing.   

No matter where you feel you are,  there is somewhere you can start and begin to get the balance back.     Because on some level that's what has been lost, physically, mentally or both.   

But with an open mind, some effort, commitment and patience combined with the right support, techniques and activities that you enjoy, you can and WILL find a better way ... to move, breathe and feel a whole lot better  in your body and your mind.

To find out more contact Lisa using the 

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Remember it's far better to bend than break.