Hi I'm Lisa ...

... and I love to move ... it makes me feel good ... great in fact. And I want to be able to move for as long as I can, and while we're talking about it aging as gracefully as I can. Doing the things I love, staying strong and active ... it does wonders for your confidence, posture and self-esteem. Sometimes I haven't been able to though, move well I mean ... knee injuries from sport (two anterior cruciate ligament tears and 4 operations later) and asthma have been a challenge. I played competitive sport most of my life but did not focus too much on the conditioning or stretching side of things (in hindsight stupid) and spent most of my corporate career working in a stressful office job stuck behind a computer for too long. My weight went up and down as much as my stress levels (along with my self-esteem); add on recurring neck/shoulder and achilles pain, well .... lets just say my well-being wasn't always that well ...

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There is magic in movement.  

Yes, movement is medicine.

Michael D'Aulerio - Author

Some of the most valuable professional skills I possess ...

  • Pilates (classical mat) Teacher Training - Drummond Education (qualifying 2020)
  • Exercise Therapy - Drummond (qualifying 2020)
  • Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Foundation Teacher Training - Sarah Lo (Sept 2019)
  • AFAA Practical Mat Pilates May - NASM/Premier Global (Aug 2019)
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher 200hrs - Drummond Education (May 2018)
  • Trapeze Yoga Teacher Training 50hrs - Yogabody, Barcelona (Sept 2017)
  • Personal Trainer; Nutritional Advisor & Sports Massage Therapist - Level 3 - Premier Global (2006)

  • Emergency First Aider & First Aid in the Workplace - Red Cross / St Johns Ambulance (2018 & 2019)
  • Mental Health First Aider (Mar 2019)