A bit more about me ... 

I discovered Yoga through Bikram Yoga, at a particularly stressful time at work, struggling with achilles and neck pain, as well as being mostly ... stressed.     It was love at first lunge in the hot room and got me curious to learn more about Yoga in general.    I've been practicing now for about 7yrs and I've discovered there are so many styles but the slower more therapeutic and restorative practices really appeal to me and complement this mad-busy world we all live in.     

I then got the bug for Pilates and more recently I learnt Trapeze Yoga and how to teach that, which adds a different dimension completely.  I am also a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Adviser and Sports Massage therapist so have a good (and ever improving) understanding of the body, which fascinates me.  I understand how we need not only flexibility but mobility and strength ... getting that balance is absolutely key.  Talking of which I am passionate about posture, knowing just how much poor posture can create weakness, pain and can really affect how you interact with the world around you.    Believe me, I've experienced being sat at a desk for 10hrs of the day, sat in the car on the drive home and then collapsing on the sofa exhausted watching TV.    Our bodies weren't designed for that, they were designed to move !   And having the balance and poise means we can deal with things on and off the mat so much better.  This is why I love Pilates too, putting the strength and flexibility back into our bodies in a mindful controlled way.  Like many other people I still love to sweat and love cardio, running and lifting weights in the gym but the mindful approach to well-being, learning to breathe and move ... which I've learnt through Yoga and Pilates, well  ... its like magic .... the yin to the yang of busy modern lives.   They just bring back the balance, quite literally!     

Restoring the balance to my body and mind has been transformational to me physically and emotionally; its restored my well-being and I'm proud to say that in my late 40's I'm in best shape I've been since an early teen! 

Quite honestly, if we don't look after ourselves, who else will ...?

Thanks for visiting and feel free to get in touch if any of this has resonated with you or you'd simple like to find a way to bring the balance back in to your life. 

"There's no singular way to practice a pose, 

because our bodies are all different."

My Approach

In terms of my teaching style, I'm a fan of inclusivity and making everyone feel welcome, so expect a warm smile. I love music and find it very inspirational in class, so expect that too. There's always a way to make a movement accessible to you, through modification or adaptation. You may feel challenged as you practice building your mind-body connection, or a little uncomfortable as your muscles lengthen and strengthen, but you should never ever feel pain. I care about the quality and control of movement and breath, not about how heavy you lift, or how fast you can run. When we push too much we lose technique and alignment, leaving ourselves more open to injury. On top of that if our breath is all over the place we're probably not thinking or making decisions as clearly, or, lets be honest, as well as we'd like to. It's definitely not about comparing yourself or trying to keep up with others, its about improving you. You know your body best, so together we'll tune in, feel more and think less ... and of course try to have some fun in the process ... !

Enough about me,

what does being fit and well mean to you ? 

(Just in case here are some definitions)

wellbeing (noun)

the state of feeling healthy and happy

"People doing yoga benefit from an increased feeling of well-being"

health (noun)

the condition of the body and the degree to which it is free from illness, or the state of being well

"Regular exercise is good for your health"

fitness (noun)

the condition of being physically strong and healthy

"Beyond fitness, yoga also offers many other gifts. It improves your health, reduces stress, improves sleep ..."

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lifestyle (noun)

someone's way of living; the things that a person or particular group of people usually do

"Is your lifestyle aging you ?"

mindful (noun)

deliberately aware of your body, mind, and feelings in the present moment, in order to create a feeling of calm

"I'm trying to be more mindful and I think it helps me with stress"